Rhode Island's first swim school facility designed exclusively for teaching kids to swim

​​​15 Gooding Ave Bristol, RI 02809
ph: (401) 396-8765
Mon-Fri 9am-7pm  Sa/Su 8:30am-5pm

Each program has several stages represented by different colors- White, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Silver, and Gold.  These color stages are used to divide students into ability groups with each of stage having it's own unique lesson plan focused on developing a specific set of swimming skills.   There is a "Swim Skill Benchmark" for each stage that each child must accomplish before moving up to the next stage.In addition to the "Swim Skill Benchmark", each stage also has a "Safety Skill Benchmark" incorporating various lessons we feel are important for all children to know for general water safety.  At Ripples, we focus on teaching correct swimming techniques from the very beginning, which provides an easy transition to stroke school and beyond.  Our Instructors will take time at the end of every lesson to inform you on your child's progress, areas where they are improving, and areas they will continue to work on.  Our teachers adapt their teaching methods for each child in the class and are therefore able to combine different stages of swimmers within the same program if needed.  All Ripples instructors are certified in Swim Instruction, First Aid, CPR, and Lifesaving.  Click here for our Schedule and Pricing info.

The lessons at Ripples Swim School are "continual" and not "session based".  That means there are no set beginning and end dates for your lessons.  Once you are registered as a member, you can sign up for lessons.

​​Swim LessonS

The Ripples Swim School curriculum is designed for students ages 4 months and up and is separated in to 5 programs.

Tots School

Jr Swim School

Sr Swim School

Stroke School

PRE Team