Group Lessons:  Classes meet for 30 minutes once per week. Tots 1 and 2 classes require parent participation.  All children under 3 are required to wear a disposable swim diaper with a reusable swim diaper over the top.

Class Size Ratios:  Tots 1 and 2 8:1, Mini White and Mini Red 2:1, Jr Swim and Sr Swim 4:1, Stroke 8:1

Recreational Swim Team: Coming Soon!

Make Up Lessons: Call or email the day before and you will receive a make up swim lesson to use while enrolled.  One make up lesson per month max.  Private and Semi Private lessons may need to make up classes in a group lesson due to time and space limitations.

Membership Fee: Yearly fee of ​$25 for the first child and $20 for the 2nd child. Addition children are free.

Cancellation Policy: We ask for 1 month notice due on the first day of your last month of lessons.  A withdrawal form must be filled out and submitted to the front desk or emailed to

Pricing: Click here for our Schedule and pricing info.​​

​​​​​​Swim LessonS

The Ripples Swim School curriculum is designed for students ages 4 months and up and is separated in to 5 programs.

​​​15 Gooding Ave Bristol, RI 02809
ph: (401) 396-8765  fx: (401) 264-6950
Mon-Fri 9am-7pm  Sa/Su 8:30am-5pm
  • Tots School ​​(Ages 4 months to 3 1/2 years)
  • Jr Swim School ​(Ages 3 1/2  to 5 years)
  • Sr Swim School ​(Ages 6  to 10 years or Teens)
  • Stroke School ​(By ability)
  • Swim Team (By ability)

Rhode Island's first swim school facility designed exclusively for teaching kids to swim