Swim Team FAQs

Who can swim on the team?
Swimmers must first be evaluated by one of our swim team coaches.  In order to swim on the team swimmers should have an understanding of all four competitive strokes; butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle.

How do I sign-up for Swim Team? 
Please call our Bristol location at (401) 396-8765 for sign up information.

What is the Ripples Rays Swim Team?
Rays swim team is a developmental program and is the bridge between swim lessons and club level swim team (USS club swimming- Kingfish, etc.).

Team members develop techniques that improve upon speed, technique and efficiency. Swimmers will develop a strong mental component of setting goals both in and out of the pool.  The Rays swim in the RIMA league. Other RIMA teams include various Boys & Girls Clubs from Mass & RI. The Rays swim team offers training from coaches with 10+ years of experience, including coaching on a national level. Classes are kept at a low swimmer to teacher ratio providing all the swimmers with individualized attention.

What does a swim team practice consist of?
Parents are not to be on the pool deck while swimmers are at practice.  There is a designated spectator area in the stands.  Swimmers have a designated locker room.  They may put their clothing and bags inside of a locker.

Below is an example of a swim team practice. (Note- There is no 'Group A' in the current 2017-2018 but it will be added in future seasons).
Swim Team Group Chart


How long is the swim season?
The swim season starts in October and championships take place in March.  Swim meets are determined at the start of the RIMA season, and are announced by November.

Who are the coaches for swim team?
Gerald Pricipe, Kindra Scheer, and Becky Trefethen?

How long do meets run?
The length the meet depends on the amount of swimmers competing.  Typically meets take 3-4 hours to complete.  A dual meet may be over as quickly as 2 hours while a tri meet may take up to 5 hours.  Prior to the competition each team will have 1 half hour warm up.   Championship meets are set up differently than dual and tri meets.  The day will be broken up by sessions according to age.  Each session takes 3-4 hours. ?

What is the commitment for swim meets?
Swimmers must swim in 4 meets prior to swimming in championships.
Dual meets: count as swimming 1 meet towards the required 4.
Tri Meets: count as swimming in 2 meets towards the required 4.

The more swim meets a swimmer can attend the better!  Competing in meets creates an opportunity for swimmers to put all their hard work from practice to the test.  The more swimmers a team has competing in the meet the better the chance the team has at scoring points and winning the meet.

Rays swim team will not be hosting a meet.  The following teams are in the league and are possible locations where your child will compete:

Boys&Girls Club of Cumberland-Lincoln
Boys&Girls Club of East Providence
Boys&Girls Club of Newport
Boys&Girls Club of Fall River
Boys&Girls Club of Fox Point (Pvd)
Boys&Girls Club of Taunton
Jewish Community Center (Pvd)
Boys&Girls Club of North Providence
Championships TBA (typically UMass Dartmouth)

What equipment is needed for swim team?
Swimmers will need a one piece piece bathing suit, goggles, a swim cap, and swim fins.  All the competitive swimming equipment your child requires will be available for purchase at Ripples.

Who do the Rays swim against?
Various Boys and Girls Clubs from RI and MA as well as one Jewish Community Center.  Meets are as followed:
Dual Meet:  Two teams swimming against each other.
Tri Meet:  Three teams swim against each other.
Championships:  All ten teams within the league swim against each other.

What should swimmers bring with them to practice and meets?
For practice:
- Swim suit, goggles, swim cap, and water bottle.

For meets:
- Rays competitive team swim suit, goggles, and Rays swim cap.
- Shoes or flip flops (footwear required in order for swimmers to leave the pool deck at some facilities).
- Two towels (one will become wet from being on deck and drying off in between events).
- Shorts/Sweatpants, T-shirt, Sweatshirt for swimmers to wear on deck between events.
- A healthy, mess free snack.

How does a swim meet run?
RIMA by laws can be downloaded here.

1. A swimmer shall be allowed to compete in a maximum of three (3) events in a dual or tri meet as follows:
(a) Two (2) individual events and one  relay.
(b) One (1) individual event and two relays.

2. Coaches may enter two official swimmers in each individual event and two (2) relay teams in each relay.

3. Swimmers compete within age groups, Males swim against each other.  Females swim against each other.

The yardage they swim is based on age groups:
8 & under - 25 yards
9 & 10 - 50 yards
11 & 12- 50 yards
13&14- 100 yards
15& up- 100 yards