Pricing, Schedule & Hours of Operation


Lessons are billed once monthly, automatically, on the first of every month.  The monthly price of your lesson is determined by how many weeks of classes you will have that month.  Some months your class will meet 4 times, other months it will meet 5 times, depending on how the days fall in the calendar each month.  We do not charge for any lessons that fall on a Holiday closure.  Lesson packages can be combined if you'd like multiple lessons per week.

Please click here for our Price Sheet for more pricing details on all of our programs. Note- Ripples Swim School enrollment operates on a CONTINUAL basis, not on a fixed session basis, and will automatically renew at the beginning of every month. To withdraw from your lesson, a withdrawal form must be submitted by the first day of your last month of lessons.  Please click here for our Withdrawal Form.

Schedule & Hours of Operation

Hours of operation are Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri: 8am to 8pm, Thu: 2pm to 8pm, Sat: 8am to 5pm, and Sun: 8am to 2:00 pm.  Pool Party Rentals are available on Sundays beginning at 3:00.  Please click here for our Registration page to get more details on the schedule for all of various programs.