Rhode Island's first swim school facility designed exclusively for teaching kids to swim

​​​​​​15 Gooding Ave Bristol, RI 02809
255 Legris Ave West Warwick, RI 02893
ph: (401) 396-8765​​

When is Open Family Swim?

Open Swim is offered every Sunday from 1:30-2:30pm.

How much does Open Family Swim cost?

Ripples Members pay $5 per person but no more than $20 per family (immediate family only).  A membership is not required and non members pay $10 per person. Cost of an annual membership is $25 per child/ $45 per family. 

Do I need to sign up for Open Family Swim?

Yes, Please sign up here to secure your spot! 

Open Family Swim

What is Open Family Swim?

It’s a time to bring everyone up to the pool for swimming and water fun! There’s no structure, so you’re free to play! Family Swim is great for introducing kids to the water and the environment at Ripples — and if your little fish is struggling with lessons, it’s a great way to get used to being in the water. For kids who have been enjoying their weekly lessons Open Swim is the best way to be able to show off all the amazing results they’re getting! It’s a fun way to reinforce and practice the skills learned during regular weekly lessons.

Are non-members welcome?

Yes.  Don’t have a kid in swim lessons? No problem. Families who aren’t currently enrolled in Ripples Swim School lessons are more than welcome.